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No Nc Button Switch
Aug 31, 2018

The switch of the power socket, a minus sign and a circle above, represent "off" and "on" respectively.

There is a power switch with a minus sign and a circle, which is a double throw type, some are double contacts, some are single contacts, some are multi-knife, some are single-knife; for single-pole single-contact double-throw switches, only switch function, only two The pins will not be connected incorrectly; however, for the presence of at least 3 contacts for the double contacts, "off" and "on" can be interchanged, so the reverse is also possible.

The double-throw power switch also has a logo, one point on the other side, the other side is not, it is equivalent to opening, the specific situation is consistent with the switch mentioned in the problem.

C is connected to the start control line, NO is the normally open point, normally disconnected from C, and is connected to C after the action, NC is the normally closed point, the flat is closed with C, and the action is disconnected from C.